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What Motivates Us

Golden Retrievers have been a part of my life since I was born - our family dog, Cosby - was there when I came into the world. He soon became my best friend, and my love for the breed and animals was solidified.

Although I have always been around animals, I formally entered the pedigree dog world in 2016 when I was entrusted with my first show dog, Ollie. Ollie came to me from Fernfall Golden Retrievers. Ollie is a truly one in a million dog and encompasses everything there is to love about a golden.

He is currently being campaigned in the show ring for his Australian Championship title, and is a certified therapy dog who joins me in my day job as a VCE teacher at my school.

In late 2018, I was lucky enough to be offered a puppy from the acclaimed Chaleur kennels in Adelaide, SA. Primrose arrived in Melbourne in December 2018, carrying some of the best bloodlines the breed has to offer. She is a cheeky girl with plenty of spunk, and I am forever grateful to Ruth for allowing her to live with us.

I am a past committee member of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria and actively contribute to the improvement of the breed with my dogs.

My dogs live in my home and are often found on the couch or on my bed - they will never live in kennels. They are first and foremost pets and family. Both Ollie and Prim have outstanding temperaments and when we are not showing, we spend our weekends exploring new places and socializing. They have more friends than me! 

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